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Hudson Services Inc
is a family owned and operated. With over 25 years in the plumbing business we offer the following services and more…. 

Drain Cleaning and Maintenance: There is a lot more to a clogged waste system than one would think. These systems are designed to never have clogging issues. Allow us to with our equipment to get your system operating at peak performance. We have simple but effective techniques to help keep your system flowing and working correctly for years to come. 

Water Leaks
Water slab leaks are very common in Arizona. They can be very costly on the water bill. If you hear water noises when no water is turned on it is possible that you may have a slab leak. Sometimes the leak is accompanied with hot spots in the floor. So if you notice hot spots in the floor, high water bill, or hear water running when no water is being used give us a call and we would be glad to help.        

Water Conditioning: 

There are several types of water conditioning available on the market today. We repair most brands and offer top quality systems for your use. We offer salt and salt free style water softeners, RO units, water filters for whole house and ice makers. 

Fixture Repair/ Replacement:  
We repair/replace any and all plumbing fixtures. Toilets, faucets, shower valves to hose bibs if it’s giving you a problem we would be glad to help. 

Backflow Preventers:  We are certified backflow testers and can test, repair or replace any size device from ½” to 12”. Make sure that the backflow preventers for your irrigation or pool feed is in top working condition. After all you surely do not want to be drinking your irrigation or pool water. 

Medical Gas Certified:

We are certified to install, alter or repair your med gas system.

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